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We are IRtech, originated from DALI, a global brand focused on professional thermal imaging products.

We face up to the expectations of global infrared product consumers, do our best to enhance the brand's product power and service capabilities, and provide overseas customers with a satisfactory service experience with a new attitude of IRtech.

We used to lead the research and development of infrared technology and still pay attention to the needs of the outdoor consumer market. At the stage when 12μm is gradually replacing 17μm and becoming the mainstream of the market, we have successfully achieved the goal of mass production of amorphous silicon and vanadium oxide dual production lines in 2021. The model S236 monocular has been affirmed by the market in terms of imaging quality and human-computer interaction.

 We are well aware that infrared thermal imaging technology is not only active in the field of outdoor hunting, but also in the field of industry and temperature measurement. With global warming, a major problem facing all mankind, the development of electricity has become an increase in infrastructure investment in many developing countries. The infrared handheld temperature measurement products, monitoring systems, and thermal modules we have developed are widely well applied in China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions.

Facing the future of all mankind, IRtech is well aware of its responsibilities, and we will work hard to develop and provide you with clearer, more environmentally friendly products in the near future.

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