Hikmicro Stellar SH35 Features

Advanced Image Sensor

The high sensitive 384 x 288 12 μm Vox image sensor offers high quality image performance with incredible detail.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Supports wi-fi hotspots through the mobile app to have the same view with the camera itself. Users can also use digital zoom, or video recording directly on their mobile.


High resolution (1024×768) 0.39” OLED is capable of lower power consumption, wider viewing angle, and richer color. All of this serves to massively enhance user experience.

DDE Technology

Digital Detail Enhancement You don’t miss a single detail

Adaptive AGC Technology

Adaptive Gain Control Automatic Signal strength adjusted to the scene being observed.

3D Digital Noise Reduction (3D DNR)

T 3D DNR technology very effectively removes grainy or blurred parts of the observed scene. The resulting image is much clearer than devices using traditional two-dimensional noise reduction (2D DNR)

Recoil Activated Recording

The Stellar Pro introduces recoil-activated recording so you can automatically capture the important parts of your shooting trips on video using the 64GB internal storage. The Stellar series is also fitted with a microphone to capture sound with your videos.

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