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Hikmicro Panther PH50L Thermal with LRF

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Hikmicro Panther PH50L Thermal with LRF


Lens 50mm / F1.0
Sensor Resolution 384 x 288 @ 12um
Detection Range 2500m
Magnification 4.33x
Operating Time 6 Hours


Laser range finder

Laser range finder with a detection out to 600m

Advanced Image Sensor

The high sensitive 388 x 294 12 μm Vox image sensor offers high quality image performance with incredible detail.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Supports WiFi hotspot through the mobile app to have the same view with camera itself. Users can also to use digital zoom, or video recording on their mobile.


High resolution (1024×768) 0.39” OLED is capable of lower power consumption, wider viewing angle, and richer color. All of this serves to massively enhance user experience.

DDE Technology

Digital Detail Enhancement You don’t miss a single detail

Adaptive AGC Technology

Adaptive Gain Control Automatic Signal strength adjusted to the scene being observed


We use Australia Post for most of our deliveries, and do deliver to New Zealand. You can expect your parcel within 2-8 business days from when it leaves our warehouse.


Hikmicro Panther PH50L 50mm Thermal Scope with Laser Range Finder

The Hikmicro Panther PH50L Thermal Imaging Scope is fully equipped with everything you will need! HIKMicro have put all their high-tech spec’s and performance viewing thermal detectors into this amazing Scope. We believe this is one of the best in the market. . The Panther has you covered with a built in LRF – that won’t let you down. HIKMicro are leaders in their high-sensitivity IR detector, and they adopt advanced thermal imaging technology, to get clear view in poor visibility, dark environment. It helps you to clearly view the target and measure the distance, giving you the best advantage. 

The all-new zeroing system in the Hikmicro Panther PH50L allows you to take your shot, then freeze screen and move curser to your impact position and when you save – your new target reticule is zeroed. We have made the increments even finer, when you zoom into your freeze screen each zoom is a finer increment in moving.

HIKMICRO Sight app – Arguably the best app on the market, it signal strength and ability not to drop out ensures you have the best possible experience. You can capture snapshots, record videos, operate the Laser Range finder and preform a device firmware update via connecting your device to the app on your phone. Search the HIKMICRO Sight on your App Store (iOS System) or Google Play™ (Android System) to download it or scan the QR code to download and install the App on your devices box.