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Hikmicro Panther PQ35L Thermal with Laser Range Finder

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Hikmicro Panther PQ35L Thermal with Laser Range Finder


Lens 35mm / F1.0
Sensor Resolution 640 x 512 @ 12um
Detection Range 1750m
Magnification 1.82x
Operating Time 6 Hours


Laser range finder

Laser range finder with a detection out to 600m

Advanced Image Sensor

The high sensitive 388 x 294 12 μm Vox image sensor offers high quality image performance with incredible detail.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Supports WiFi hotspot through the mobile app to have the same view with camera itself. Users can also to use digital zoom, or video recording on their mobile.


High resolution (1024×768) 0.39” OLED is capable of lower power consumption, wider viewing angle, and richer color. All of this serves to massively enhance user experience.

DDE Technology

Digital Detail Enhancement You don’t miss a single detail

Adaptive AGC Technology

Adaptive Gain Control Automatic Signal strength adjusted to the scene being observed


We use Australia Post for most of our deliveries, and do deliver to New Zealand. You can expect your parcel within 2-8 business days from when it leaves our warehouse.

Hikmicro Panther PQ50L 50mm Thermal Scope with Laser Range Finder

The Hikmicro Panther PQ50L is the first dedicated Rifle Scope to combine HIKMICRO’s high quality Thermal image performance with a compact Laser Rangefinder, which allows you to display the distance of your target in the viewfinder of the Scope. A host of innovative new features alongside a removable 18650 battery and universal Picatinny attachment makes the Hikmicro Panther PQ50L an attractive package.

Developed to be ergonomic and easy to use in the dark, the Hikmicro Panther PQ50L has a robust focus ring fitted behind the objective lens. All of the other major controls are completed by the innovative jog dial. Rotating the jog dial adjusts the magnification, pressing the jog dial switches between the 4 colour palettes, pressing and holding will load the menu, which can then be navigated and controlled from the dial. There are only 2 other buttons on the Hikmicro Panther PQ50L, one controls the Laser Rangefinder, the other is used to power the unit on or put it into standby mode.

At the heart of the Hikmicro Panther PQ50L Pro is HIKMICRO’s 640x512px, 12µm thermal sensor with a sub 35mk NETD. This highly accurate thermal sensor is capable of detecting small temperature differences, building a highly detailed image, even in the harshest of conditions.

The thermal sensor is paired with HIKMICRO’s high performance 50mm focal length lens system that delivers a 2.6x optical magnification with up to 8x digital magnification, which expands the detail in your image. The thermal lens system also has a high specification F1.0 aperture which means there are no restrictions in the lens system and all of the available thermal signal can reach the sensor. This combines with the highly accurate thermal sensor to deliver excellent thermal performance in all conditions. 

The large 1024x768px OLED display gives you an excellent view of your target and your surroundings. The display can be customised to include the option of Picture-In-Picture and the Laser Rangefinder readings can be altered to suit your style of shooting. You can also select from 4 thermal colour palettes White Hot, Black Hot, Fusion and Red Hot.

The Hikmicro Panther PQ50L uses HIKMICRO’s latest software which includes an updated zeroing system with a one shot zero, making it quick and easy to get the Scope setup with your Rifle. You also have the ability to record pictures and video of your shooting trips direct to the Scope or you can use the App to stream, record and control your Panther from your mobile phone. 

The robust chassis joins to the supplied Picatinny rail making it easy to attach to your Rifle and achieve the perfect eye relief. With a recoil rating of 750 g/ms the Hikmicro Panther PQ50L will perform on large calibre Rifles such as .375 H7H without a problem. The IP67 rating means that the Scope is waterproof and you can continue shooting in the worst of the weather. 

The Hikmicro Panther PQ50L is also the first Rifle Scope in the HIKMICRO range to be powered by the industry standard 18650 removable battery. This makes extended hunting trips possible without any power concerns. Replacement batteries are readily available and economical to buy. There is also a high specification charger included with your Panther, which provides the charging status and health of your batteries, ensuring you will never be caught in the field with a dead battery. 

All thermal sensors used in HIKMICRO products are designed, developed and manufactured by HIKMICRO. This guarantees you unrivalled performance and value for money.